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  • SSL 500-Series UltraViolet EQ - Arda Suppliers
  • SSL 500-Series UltraViolet EQ - Arda Suppliers
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Product Description

The SSL Ultraviolet EQ transports the Violet Stereo EQ from the SSL Fusion to the 500 series format. It also adds two fully parametric SSL mid-band EQs with "Focus" mode turning this module into the perfect sculpting processor for instruments, busses and masters.

This EQ features classic SSL parametric mid-bands capable of the traditional SSL processing techniques but also go far beyond, offering absolute surgical precision all the way to creative 'notch' style filtering and resonant screaming.

Focus mode allows users to ‘hone in’ on problem frequencies or specific frequencies they want to accentuate or attenuate. Pressing the ‘Focus’ switch in, automatically narrows the chosen Q setting further and increases the range of gain available beyond the normal +/-9 dB operation, to a huge +/-18 dB. In true flexible SSL workflow fashion, it transforms this sweet sounding, musical SSL EQ into a more surgical tool.

With the HPF you can remove rumble and tighten up low frequencies, bringing you a world of flexibility when processing low end. The interaction with LF shelving band offers unique ways to sculpt signals and yes, UV EQ is capable of the sought after boost + cut effect. The dedicated Trim control means you can hit convertors with plenty of headroom or smash into them the perfect amount when clipping is desired.